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Growth Chart

A growth chart is a toll for monitoring your child's development. Where you have a baby, a toddler or a kid, a growth chart can and should be used to ensure that your child is growing and developing normally. There are also separate growth charts for boys and girls.

A growth chart for your baby is easily obtainable. They are available for download online or you can get one from your pediatrician. Once you have your growth chart, you need to regularly take measurements of your child and record them on the chart. The numbers from Routine visits to your pediatrician should also be noted down because even though you have a record at the clinic, it is always better to keep a record for yourself for easy reference.

From the growth chart you can easily keep track of your kid's growth and development as well as detect any problems. Any pediatrician would be happy to discuss any concerns that you might have about your child's development and growth.

A growth chart is also very easy to personalize for you and your child. Personalizing your growth chart makes the experience fun and not so much of a chore. In fact your child might even look forward to having his or her measurement taken if only to see his or her progress on the growth chart. Consider this when creating your own growth chart. Bright colors or pretty pictures on your charts or even star stickers can be used to personalize your child's growth chart.

If you are interested in using a growth chart but you're not sure how to start, approach your local pediatrician to help you learn how to read your child's growth chart. Remember, a growth chart is important for your child's development because it helps with early detection of problems such as growth hormone deficiency and so on.

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