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The benefits to using a height weight chart. Ensure that your child is growing right.

Is your child too tall or too short maybe? Do you ever wonder if he or she is overweight? Should you be feeding your child more or less? Encouraging your teenager to get more exercise? Wonder and worry no more, a height weight chart can easily solve your worries. A child's height weight chart allows you to compare your child or teen's height to other average American's at his or her age.

This form of body chart is also healthy to ensure that your teen's height and weight are ideal. It's an easy way to check whether your child is over or under weight simply based on your teen's height.

The best thing about the height chart it is painless and relatively simple to use. All you will have to do is obtain a height weight chart from your doctor or local hospital and then measure your child's height and weight on a regular basis and then make a comparison of numbers with the numbers that you see on the chart. From there you'll be able to compare your child's height to the average American teen. You'll also be able to easily detect if your child is over or underweight and act accordingly.

There are also several types of height weight charts for teenagers and children of all ages available online for downloading. And if you're curiosity is peaked, you can even search for a kid's height predictor to get an idea of how tall your child could grow to in the future.

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