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Gain new heights today! Simple exercises to
increase your height.

Don't you wish you could be taller sometimes? Well many others have also had the same thoughts, because of this, research has been done to find out ways to help you gain an increase in your height!

Height exercises are a great natural way to gain height that not many people do these days. Instead of expensive supplements, all you'll have to do is set aside some time each day to gain that increase in height that you were looking for.

The most basic of height exercises that any instructor will recommend is stretching exercises. They are the best form of exercise to gain a quick increase in height. Below are some simple stretching exercises that can help you grow taller.

Yoga & Pilates

There are a variety of yoga and pilates exercises we can do to get gain a height increase. These stretching exercises will get your spine right, by aligning your spine correctly and prepare it for elongation thus making them excellent height increasing exercises.

•  Sit / Easy Position Sukahasana
This is a starting position that helps focus awareness on breathing and the body, strengthen the lower back and open the groin and hips.

-Sit cross-legged with hands on knees.
-Focus on your on your breath.
-Keep your spine straight and push the sit bones down to the floor.
-Allow the knees to gently lower.
-If the knees rise above your hips, sit on a cushion as it will help support your back and hips.
-Take 5 - 10 slow, deep breaths.
-On the next inhale, raise your arms over your head.
-Exhale and bring your arms down slowly.
-Repeat 5-7 times.

2. The Cobra - Bhujangasana

This height exercise stretches the spine, strengthens the back and arms, opens the chest and heart.

Step 1

-Lay down on your stomach. Keep your legs together, arms at your side, close to your body, with your hands by your chest.

-Inhaling, slowly raise your head and chest as high as it will go.

-Keep your buttock muscles tight to protect your lower back.

-Keep your head up and chest and heart out.

-Breathe several times and then come down.

-Repeat as necessary.

Step 2

-Follow the steps above.

-When you've gone as high as you can, gently raise yourself on your arms, stretching the spine even more.

-Go as far as you are comfortable.

-Your pelvis should always remain on the floor.

-Breathe several times and come down.

Forward Bend

This height exercise stretches the calves, hamstrings, hips, back, and neck. It also lengthens the spine, helping your increase your height.

-In the standing position, with your legs spread widely apart, raise both hands straight overhead and overlap your hands.

-Bend forward and touch the floor between your legs, then return top the original position.

-Perform this exercise 10 times.

-You will notice that the wider your legs are spread apart, the easier it will be to touch the floor.

-As you progress in this and the other exercises, you should bring your feet closer together so that it will be more difficult to touch the floor with your fingers.

-If you can touch the floor with your feet close together, you should then strive to touch the floor with your palms.

Chin-ups & Pull-ups

These exercises work the shoulders, as well as the back, arms, and obliques. You can experiment with these different types, but only do one exercise type per day. They should be done every other day, or every 2 days, depending on your strength and experience. As with yoga and pilates, doing these height exercises regularly can and will help you increase your height.

1. Chin-up

-Step up and grasp bar with an overhand grip.

-Pull down until the chin is above the bar.

-Lower body until arms and shoulders are fully extended. Repeat.

2. Close Grip Chin-up

-Step up and grasp parallel bars.

-Pull body up until elbow are at the sides.

-Lower body until arms and shoulders are fully extended. Repeat.

3. Pull-up

-Step up and grasp bar with a wide overhand grip.

-Pull body until neck reaches the height of the hands.

-Lower body until arms and shoulders are fully extended. Repeat.

The Corpse

This height exercise relaxes and refreshes the body and mind, relieves stress and anxiety, and quiets the mind. Possibly the most important posture, the Corpse. Usually performed at the end of a session, the goal is conscious relaxation. Many people find the "conscious" part the most difficult because it is very simple to drift off to sleep. This exercise is a great way to warm down after your vigorous stretching exercises. Think of it as a supplement to your health and better well being as well as a step towards getting taller.

-Begin by lying on your back, feet apart, arms at your sides with palms facing up.

-Close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths.

-Allow your body to sink into the ground. Try focusing on specific part of your body and willing it to relax.

-For example, start with your feet, imagine the muscles and skin relaxing, letting go and slowly melting into the floor.

-From your feet, move on to your calves, thighs and so on up to your face and head.

-Breathe and relax.

-Stay in the pose for at least 5-10 minutes.

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