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A simple guide on how to look and feel tall just by taking note on your posture and clothes.

Some people are born tall, others are not. However, just because you're short or you're not as tall as you would like, it doesn't mean that you can't look tall. Looking taller than you really are or appearing to be tall isn't as hard as you'd think. You only have to take into consideration 2 things when trying to look tall, posture and clothes.


Good posture provides many physical and psychological benefits. It is an important component for back health and height increase. Good posture helps maximize your height not just because of the obvious reason that you are sitting and standing tall rather than slouching and slumping, but for other structural and physiological reasons as well.

The pelvis acts as a lever and directly influences our posture and stature. When the pelvis is carried too far forward, the condition is termed a Milted Pelvis. This condition directly robs you of extra height and is generally the result of a person with lack of stomach muscles and who usually has a large stomach.

Over time, gravity will take a toll on the body and cause spinal disc degeneration, muscle loss, and force the body to slump or slouch. By maintaining proper postural alignment you can significantly reduce the negative effects of aging as well as promote growth.

By consciously trying to stand straight and walk tall at all times, you can start to improve your posture and strengthen the relevant muscles to relieve unnecessary stress and compression on your discs. As a result, your height is maximized and you'll look and feel tall.

Good standing posture

One very basic way to improve your posture is by leaning against a wall. Keep your head, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels in contact with the wall. At the same time, use your muscles to pull back your neck, waist and knees to minimize the space between your body and the wall. There should be only slight gaps. This practice can help you straiten up and give the impression that you look taller than you actually are.


By cleverly organizing the visual elements of clothes and their design, you can manipulate the way your body is perceived and make yourself look taller. To beat your height disadvantages when you are on a job interview or a romantic date, follow these tips:

Hair style

Have the hair style that makes you appear taller. In order to appear taller, a hair style should be thin at the sides and higher up top, which can make you look as much as an inch taller. Do not have any wide hair style. Also, a bald head can makes a person appear shorter.


Avoid clothes with horizontal lines. Belts are horizontal so make sure you conceal it in your clothes. Avoid clothes with a tartan or checked pattern. Instead to look tall, wear clothes with vertical lines or striping. Vertical lines or stripping make a person appear thinner, and thinness in turn gives impression of more height.

Avoid wearing sharply contrasting clothes and pants together, these will easily expose the real length of your legs and make you look shorter. Wear clothes with shoulder pads. Shoulder pads make your shoulders appear broader and your whole body slender.

Wear shoes that will make you look taller. If you are a female, this should be easy since you can find a lot of female shoes with 2 or 3 inches' heels. For males, wear shoes with thick soles to add the illusion of height.

Also avoid clothes that are made from heavy and bulky fabric. They add width and hence shorten the image visually. Wear cuff less pants to make the legs look longer. Also ensure that the coat or jacket that you are wearing is of the perfect length. They should end where the buttocks meet the legs. All this can help avoid the image of looking shorter and help you look taller than you really are.


Wearing the right colors is also essential to help you look tall. Match your pants' color with your shoes color to make the legs look longer. You can lengthen your upper torso by wearing a belt that matches your top.

Dark colors such as black, navy blue, and charcoal grey projects power and competency. Lighter colors make you appear more approachable. If you want a commanding and confident image, try wearing dark colors.

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